Indoor Air Quality

The purpose of odors are to invite attention or warn us of trouble. It is never good to ignore odors because they are overt signs of health threats and issues with our home we should not ignore.

The fact is that about 30% of all office buildings and homes are toxic or semi toxic. Odors, mold, germs, pet urine, allergens and poor indoor air quality affect people in acute reactions and in chronic long term health issues. Symptoms can be red eyes, fatigue and lethargy, nausea, headaches, coughing, sneezing, allergy like symptoms and illness.

We are a Certified Restoration, Remediation and Green Cleaning Company that offers carpet cleaning and complete office cleaning and house cleaning services. But just cleaning the carpet and the house is like washing your feet and never taking a bath!

Much like a aquarium needs routine cleaning and exchange of water; offices, gyms, medical offices, day cares, homes and schools need at least annual cleanse of the air and surfaces in the home or building. Eco Friendly Green Cleaning Expert is much more than just a cleaning service. We detoxify and decontaminate the places people spend the majority of their time.

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