Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

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How clean is the air in your home or office? Don’t risk the health of your family by skipping vent cleaning. Call Eco-Friendly Green Cleaning Expert today. You can trust us for commercial and residential air duct cleaning in Augusta, GA-we’ll make sure your air is clean.

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3 reasons to clean your air ducts

The HVAC unit in your home or office is continuously running. If your air ducts and vents aren’t cleaned regularly, you might be spreading odors, dust and other contaminants across your space. Don’t keep breathing dirty air. Now is the perfect time to hire Eco-Friendly Green Cleaning for vent cleaning service.

In addition to improved air quality, cleaning your air ducts can:

  1. Help your HVAC unit run more efficiently
  2. Eliminate foul odors from your home or office
  3. Reduce the risk of mold

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